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Leave your book bag at home. We will turn your phone into a library!

The great debate : Print vs Digital

Many readers still prefer print books even as eReaders are lionized. Though print may not be completely replaced there are distinct advantages eBooks provide over print media.

Don’t let your competition be the top story.  What you can expect from AEL Data:

 We are primed
Whether it is last minute, a just-in-time process, or something new that you want to develop, we have the scale and expertise to help you. 

We will mirror your input
We will develop a digital format of your input by preserving the authenticity of your material

 We cannot be baffled! 
         We work with all input formats ranging from Text files to InDesign files,

         Use a host of technologies such as XML, XHTML, HTML5, and CSS3

         Multiple language conversion such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese

          Left-to-right and Vertical reading orientation.

 We deliver on time and budget
Wehonor our price quotes and delivery timeline. Working with us, you will get the best quality at the lowest rates. 

We will manage
Our single-point of contact project managers will be there to counsel you throughout the course of the project from inception to final delivery.