Making Link Accessibility

How to Make Your Links Inclusive?

Sometimes when you click a link, it redirects you to a spam website or a pop-up advert that infuriates users. If normal users find this

What is AEL Accessibility Checker (AAC)

What is AEL Accessibility Checker (AAC)?

Wondering how Accessible your website is to everyone? With AEL Accessibility Checker (AAC), you can quickly evaluate your web page against automated Accessibility violations.  AAC

ADA Demand Letters

A Brief Guide to ADA Demand Letters

Demand letters related to website accessibility have become so common that many law firms are offering courses to help understand and respond to them. ADA

Shows Cost of Web Accessibility

How Much Does Web Accessibility Cost?

Accessibility is as vital to your organization as groceries are to your home. Every home requires a different kind, and accessibility is not a one-stop

A Closer Look at Web Accessibility in 2024

A Closer Look at Web Accessibility in 2024

As technology progresses, the emphasis on crafting inclusive online experiences for users of all abilities grows more pronounced. In this era of continuous innovation, there’s

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