A Closer Look at Web Accessibility in 2024

A Closer Look at Web Accessibility in 2024

As technology progresses, the emphasis on crafting inclusive online experiences for users of all abilities grows more pronounced. In this era of continuous innovation, there’s

Accessible Design System - Blog Image

A Guide to Accessible Design System

You work at a product company as a developer. The message comes down from management on a Monday morning stand that they are introducing new

Are Your Squarespace Websites Accessible

Are Your Squarespace Websites Accessible?

In the digital ocean, inclusivity reigns supreme. Websites, the virtual gateways to information and connection, must be accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. Squarespace is

Kiosk Accessibility

Kiosk Accessibility: A Guide for Businesses and Users

This article explores the accessibility of kiosks in various sectors, including retail, healthcare, education, and government, highlighting issues, advantages, legal requirements, implementation techniques, user feedback,

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