Access to information and communication on the web is a basic human right.

Yet, millions of websites on the internet fail to offer this basic right to information. Especially for people with disabilities.

An inaccessible or partially accessible website may stop you from scaling your business by excluding a large chunk of your audience.

To ensure accessibility around the internet, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Web Accessibility Initiative (WIA) created the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG.)

If WCAG is the gold standard for web accessibility, we live and breathe it.

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Ratnakumar Bikkani

Mr. Ratnakumar Bikkani founded AEL Data Services in 2000 after a lifetime of entrepreneurship within the technology sector. Since 1977 he has owned Andhra Electronics Limited, a leading supplier of military and space-grade frequency microwave and electronic equipment. More recently, he has been the founder of uLektz Learning Solutions, a company providing software solutions to better integrate technology into higher education.

Mr. Bikkani’s multiple business ventures all stem from his passion for education. Having earned a Masters in Linguistics himself from Bangalore University in India and an MBA in International Finance from Alabama A&M University in the United States, Mr. Bikkani believes in the power of higher learning as a tool to open doors and expand the global community. He has focused his career in using technology, from his earliest work in radio frequency communication to his accessibility work today, to break down the barriers that exist to education worldwide.

Mr. Bikkani is always seeking thrills, whether in starting a new enterprise from the ground-up, or trekking Kanchenjunga, the third-tallest mountain range in the world. He also thoroughly enjoys reading, studying philosophy, and SCUBA diving.

Aditya Bikkani

Aditya Bikkani is the Chief Operating Officer of AEL Data. Formerly a trained mortgage broker and accountant, he once dreamed of working on Wall Street prior to the economic crash of 2008. His pivot toward the IT industry taught him about the power of technology, and he soon realized that he could use technology to ultimately solve some of the challenges that he once struggled with on a daily basis.

Aditya came to AEL Data in 2012 with a deeply personal mission. Growing up as a child with a learning disability, he has since dedicated his career to the integration of assistive technologies to help those in similar situations. Originally an assistant vice president with the company focused primarily on business development, today he oversees the company’s 600 employees in offices around the world.

For Aditya, AEL Data still extends well beyond the world of corporate strategy and business development. He has become a noted disability advocate and was invited to speak about authoring the next generation of accessible content in Stockholm, Sweden.

Aditya is a Co-Chair of the W3C Cognitive Accessibility Community Group. This group serves to work with and support the Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility (COGA) Task Force to improve web accessibility for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

Our Offerings - Tailored Solutions for Your Success Story

AEL Data is reinventing Document and Web Accessibility in the Education industry. Specializing in accessibility audits of digital assets we enable organizations with digital accessibility and ease of learning.



AEL Data is certified for Quality Management System with ISO 9001:2015 and Information Security Management System with ISO 27001:2013.



It’s no secret we are an off-shore company. This business model is how we achieve scale in Digital Accessibility and remain cost-effective, passing on the benefit to the customer.


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