Accessible Word Document

Ensure 100% accessibility and compliance for your Word documents

What is Word document accessibility?

Microsoft Word documents are commonly used by organizations for storing important documentation.

However, most of these Word documents may not be easily accessible and comprehensible for people with disabilities.

If growth and inclusivity are a part of your vision, then Word document accessibility is a practice you must adopt.

Let our accessibility experts assess your Word documents and make them accessible.

Advantages of Accessible Word Documents

Reach more people

By converting your Word documents into accessible ones, you can ensure that people with disabilities access them with ease.

Promote Inclusivity

Promote a culture of inclusivity and accessibility at your workspace.

Ensure 100% compliance

Adhere to WCAG and section 508 of rehabilitation act compliance guidelines.

Word Document Accessibility Process Overview


You can share your Word files, and our accessibility experts will analyze the file structure and individual requirements.


We will get back to you with a quote offering the best prices with guaranteed compliance.


Your PDFs will go through a hybrid model of manual and automated processes to ensure 100% accessibility and compliance.

Quality Check

Next comes rigorous rounds of quality checks to ensure 99.5% accuracy.


Finally, we offer corrections with the desired accuracy if need be.

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