Website Accessibility Audits

Assess the accessibility status of your website, mobile app or software and take action today.

What is a Website Accessibility Audit?

Is your website offering an inclusive experience for people with disabilities? Are such users finding it difficult to navigate through digital assets?

If you are unsure about these questions and wondering where to start, then a website accessibility audit is a must.

An accessibility audit is an assessment of how effectively a digital asset assists disabled users in experiencing your products or services.

A thorough website accessibility audit will help you better understand the current state of compliance and to plan for how far behind you are in the accessibility journey ahead.

Assessing your digital assets such as website, app, software, images, videos, and documents will help you better understand the current state of compliance and how far behind you are in the accessibility journey.

When do you need a web accessibility audit?

The best time to conduct a website accessibility audit is before launch or before a redesign.

However, if your website is already published, and you are thinking of accessibility, its already too late.

Our accessibility audit experts will review your entire website using assistive technology and provide a detailed report with the violations and how to fix them at the code level.

Getting your website audited today will help you:

  • Mitigate legal risk
  • Win contracts
  • Reach a wider audience.

Standards Overview

Our specialists are well-versed in the requirements of the popular regulatory accessibility standards such as

Why AEL?

How many accessibility providers do you have to try before you find the right one that fits your needs? AEL ensures a return on your investment in accessibility, making it not just effective but also affordable—your tailored solution.

Find “just the right” fit, by leveraging DSS.

DSS – Delivery Scaling Systems: Scalability and Affordability Redefined

Our unique delivery mechanism, Delivery Scaling Systems, applies agile methodology to non-software projects to achieve scale and make accessibility affordable.

Key features of DSS:

  • Prioritize value for the end-user
  • Cross-functional teams to achieve scale and lower cost
  • Evolutionary development over 22 years of improvement
  • Feedback loops involving stakeholders
  • Customer obsessed culture

If you are tired of shopping around, schedule an audit consultation with our expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you conduct an audit?

We follow a three-step process to ensure that the accessibility audit of your website is comprehensive and quick.

Step 1: Identifying the target pages

You can provide the pages to be audited or we can identify the web pages for you and categorize them based on their template or layout. This also includes web pages having unique functionalities and widgets.

Step 2: Testing against Accessibility guidelines

Each web page is manually tested against WCAG 2.1 Level AA guidelines unless the governing law of your country is specified.

Step 3: Testing Environment

Our default test matrix is NVDA and Chrome on Windows 10 for desktop, unless otherwise specified by you.

2. What is an accessibility audit report?

An accessibility audit report is an extensive summary of accessibility violations found on your website and the actions need to be taken to fix the issues.

To view our sample manual audit report, download our reporting template.

3. Why are accessibility audits important?

Accessibility audits help identify and categorize the accessibility issues based on how restrictive they are for users to access your website.

4. How much does an accessibility audit cost?

The price of an audit varies between $100 and $500/page depending on various factors such as number of pages, devices and browsers, operating systems, timeline, audit-only or recommendations.

Be wary of anyone who promises you a report below $100 or in a short period of time as it takes a lot of time and manual effort to conduct an audit thoroughly.

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