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Tactile graphics are images that are designed to be touched rather than looked at. These are images that use raised surfaces so that a visually impaired person can feel them. Tactile Graphics includes images, diagrams, maps, graphs, and paintings, and Tactile Graphics falls under the umbrella of accessible images. AEL Data has been producing Tactile Graphics for several years to many European NPO’s and libraries in compliance with the BANA (Braille Authority of North America) guidelines and standards.

Our Tactile Graphics development team has streamlined the tactile image translation process to produce graphics in the most efficient way. This means, with the right tools, producing images that are inexpensive, quick, and easily customisable. Our team of Tactile Graphics professionals separates text from an image so that the text can later be replaced by Braille and inserted back onto the image. In order to streamline the text selection process, we also employ machine learning to recognize the text so that large groups (possibly hundreds) of images can be translated at a time. AEL Data have a team of Expertise Tactile designers whereby, we can produce tactile images in any number of volumes and shall be delivered to the clients on time.

We are producing volumes of tactile images for the subjects:

  • Biology
  • Maths
  • Physics
  • Chemistry and
  • Maps