Understanding Success Criterion 2.4.2: Page Titled

Understanding Success Criterion 2.4.2 Page Titled

Provide proper and unique titles to your web pages. The title helps users find content and orient themselves within it without requiring them to interpret the entire content of the webpage.

Official Requirements

Success Criterion 2.4.2 Page Titled (Level A): Web pages have titles that describe topic or purpose.

Why is it required?

The success criterion 2.4.2, helps all users to quickly and easily identify their desired content on the webpage. 

Furthermore, it helps people who have visual, cognitive, or motor impairments. Here is how it helps them

  • People with visual impairments can easily identify their preferred content when they have opened multiple web pages open
  • People with cognitive impairments can identify the content based on the page title
  • People with motor impairments are also benefited from this as they can easily navigate between multiple webpages

How do we fix it?

  • Provide a unique and accurate title that describes the topic or purpose of the web page.
  • The page title should make sense even when it is read out of context, as the user might have opened a multiple web pages

Mistakes to avoid

  • The page title is not unique to the service provided by the website
  • The webpage has a title but it does not describe its purpose

The website is based on the single-page application (SPA) which doesn’t change the page title accordingly

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Aditya Bikkani

Aditya is the COO of AELData, a growing technology company in the Digital Publishing and Education sectors. He is also an entrepreneur and founder of an accessibility tool called LERA. A W3C COGA (Cognitive and Learning Disabilities Accessibility) Community Member Aditya contributes to researching methodologies to improve web accessibility and usability for people with cognitive and learning disabilities.

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