Understanding Success Criteria 2.4.6: Headings and Labels

Understanding Success Criteria 2.4.6 Headings and Labels

Headings and labels on websites should convey information in such a way that all users can understand its purpose easily.

Official Requirements

2.4.6 Headings and Labels: Headings and labels describe topic or purpose.

Why is it required?

Clear and concise headings or labels will help people with disabilities to navigate across the content without depending on others. This is beneficial to people with cognitive disabilities to arrive at the content they want on the website. 

How do we fix it?

Provide appropriate headings to convey the information of that particular section

Labels should describe their meaning or the control associated with it

Mistakes to avoid

  1. Headings or labels are too short or long enough to communicate their meaning to users
  2. Form fields missing or not having relevant labels to describe their purpose 


Understanding 2.4.6: Headings and Labels

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