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Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) is a technical standard for digital audio books, periodicals, and computerized text. DAISY is designed to be a complete audio substitute for print material and is specifically designed for use by people with “print disabilities,” including blindness, impaired vision, and dyslexia.

NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard) is a technical standard used by publishers to produce source files (in XML) that may be used to develop multiple specialized formats (such as Braille, DAISY talking books, Large prints or HTML) for readers with print disabilities. A DTBook should enable its readers to listen as well as navigate easily through its content. All types of documents are first converted into XML.doc files which are then used in the production of DTBooks and eBooks as per the requirements of the clients. The contents of DTBooks can be easily searched and book marked as in the case of eBooks.

Developed by the DAISY Consortium as an accessible file format similar to HTML, with special regard to the requirements of the visually impaired, DAISY Digital Talking Book or DAISY XML is simply stated as DTBook which is an XML based document file format used in EPUB 2.0 and in DAISY Digital Talking Book. AEL Data follows the DTBook-2005-3.dtd, the latest version in our DTBook DTD conversion.

Our Services

We convert all forms of documents into XML-NIMAS files in compliance with the original document and convert the same to DTBooks conforming to DAISY Consortium Standards. The end product can be read and listened in multiple devices such as mobile phones, multimedia devices, PC with CD drives etc. Our expertise in delivering good quality output leads to savings in cost and time.