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What is ePUB3 File?

ePub3 is one of the latest and most popular open standards for publishing digital books today.

ePub3 supports multimedia content such as audio, video, and other interactive elements that can be accessed across a wide range of devices. This makes it the first choice for most publishers and content creators.

Having worked on a wide range of ePub3 projects, developers at AEL Data have abundant experience in ePub3 conversion.

Why ePub3?

Support for multimedia content

Key focus on accessibility (supports AIRA standard)

Interactive and engaging content

ePub3 Content Examples

Children’s books

Use ePub3 to create interactive children’s books with interactive elements such as audio, video, games, and puzzles.

These books can be accessed on e-readers and other devices to offer an immersive experience for kids.


Use ePub3 to create digital textbooks with videos, animations, and interactive diagrams that can be accessed across a wide range of devices.

Such textbooks can help students learn more effectively while making it more interactive and fun.

Novels and other fictional books

Use ePub3 to create novels with animations, quizzes, games, audio, and video elements.

Offer your readers a more immersive reading experience across e-readers and other devices.

ePub3 Conversion Process


You can share your content samples, and our ePub3 experts will analyze the individual requirements.


We will get back to you with a quote offering the best prices for ePub3 conversion.


Our developers will help convert your content into interactive books using ePub3 conversion.


Finally, we offer corrections with the desired accuracy if need be.

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