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The present era moves digitally and it continues to change the global business environment. Organisations today have various challenges and opportunities in Analytics, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Cloud computing, and Mobile platforms. Digital information can help one learn more about customer behavior, develop new product strategies, improve performance, and tap into new sources of revenue.

AEL Data’s business services helps transforming one’s business strategies to acquire new and emerging opportunities. We guide through a complex maze of device proliferation and technology choices to help organisations to overcome organisational, Infrastructure and IT shortcomings. Our integrated set of digital business services and solutions accelerate organisation in their digital transformation, thereby laddering ahead of their competitors in the curve. Our Digital services and solutions include:

  • Digital Asset Management System
  • Content Management System
  • XML-First Workflow
  • Digitisation Services
  • OCR & Indexing
  • Database Creation & Management
  • XML & DTD Design