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A traditional conventional publishing workflow goes by this process authoring, editing, composition, proofreading, correction, typesetting and printing/eBook delivery. This traditional process cannot be avoided yet it is very much time consuming and add-up more publishing costs. Bringing in an advanced XML-workflow could speed-up the process and keep up your quality, schedule and cost in an optimum level.

With a decade of experience in serving the publishing industry leaders, AEL Data has developed a proprietary XML-first workflow that is designed to meet the individual publishing houses requirements irrespective of their sizes and work processes. Our XML-first workflow allows publishers to upload, store, search, manage, retrieve and deliver the content dynamically by strictly meeting their quality standards. Our innovative and flexible approach is applied in our product to lay-down the costs for our STM and Journal publishing clients. For more information and white paper on XMLfirst workflow contact us at info@aeldata.com