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AEL Data is a premier service provider of digitization services for global institutes, universities, libraries and national archives. Since its inception in 2001, the company has been offering its customers effective services within real-time. AEL Data is committed to its philosophy of delivering value through technology and will continue to focus on creating innovative technology solutions.

Our core capability is to deliver high-quality, one-stop-solutions that provide cost-efficiencies, scalability and exceptional customer care. We apply technology to help clients achieve competitive advantage in their businesses. We have successfully converted analog information in any form such as text, photographs, voice, etc. to digital form with suitable electronic devices such as a scanner or specialized computer chips. The information can be processed, stored and transmitted through digital circuits, equipment and networks.

AEL Data implements Project Management strategies and excels at planning, implementing, operating and scaling digitization solutions.

Industries We Serve:

  • Libraries
  • Universities and colleges
  • Publishers
  • Schools for the Blind
  • Government Organizations
  • Law firms
  • Non-profit and non-government organizations