OCR Indexing

OCR Indexing

AEL Data has established an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process that uses three separate OCR indexing engines and digitally compares the output of each engine to create a digital text file of very high accuracy. AEL Data uses a sophisticated data entry process to extract data. We index using XML technologies for efficient document search and retrieval.

We offer indexing services in many languages – English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian and the Nordic languages. Not only can we convert printed and handwritten information, scanned images and microfilms into data, but we can also execute indexing as well as online entry directly onto your servers.

We offer data capture services from printed and handwritten sources, such as paper, scanned images and microfilms. We can also perform offline indexing as well as online entry directly onto your servers.

We have numerous levels of data accuracy and processes to guarantee accuracy:

OCR97-98 %
Single Key with 100% check99.90 %
Key / On line Verification99.95 %
Blind Double Key / Double Compare99.995 %
Blind Triple key / Triple Compare99.999 %

99.999% accuracy means that no more than one error per 100,000 characters is allowed. An error would include inclusion or omission of a space, inclusion or omission of a character or a comma shown as a full stop. This is true for text as well as equations.

To ensure a high level of indexing accuracy, we have developed custom software tools to perform validation checks on each field of the indexed data. Our ISO 27001-certified facility ensures the security of your data and protects it. We process a large volume of highly sensitive data including financial and banking data. Security is our priority.