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Every teacher needs a specific set of instructional materials to carefully craft a path for students   to complete desired objectives. However, the material needs a complete makeover when the students are with diverse abilities. The US government developed NIMAS (National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard), a technical standard for producing XML-based source files. NIMAS helps students with disabilities easily access instructional materials without any impediments. To further emphasize the importance of making instructional materials, the government added it to the Disabilities Education Improvement Act in 2004.

Unlike other subjects, mathematics can be challenging while making it accessible. MathML is a mathematical mark-up language that was created to fix this issue. It simplified the process and allowed math equations and notations to be easily converted into XML files. MathML supports various software and browsers, it can also auto-convert the content onto accessible formats. Although MathML wasn’t a part of NIMAS, in 2012 it was made mandatory.

AEL Data understands the importance of NIMAS, therefore all the text and images received for XML conversion  go through rigorous quality checks to ensure nothing is left behind.

NIMAS Benefits

  1. It is cost-effective and highly efficient
  2. Helps in copyright indemnification for publishers, SEAs, and LEAs
  3. Supports multiple accessible output formats