Reader Apps

Advent of eBooks reader apps have changed the formal way of reading books. Today more and more publishers are publishing their books into interactive eBooks to make the user’s experience of reading books enriching.

We at AEL Data strive to white-label eBook reader applications for various Publishers across the globe. We provide white-label eBook reader solutions for iOS, Android, PC (Windows and Mac) and Web platforms. Our eBook readers support EPUB2, EPUB3 and PDF format of eBooks and it also has exclusivity in supporting RTL and Vertical languages like Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Some of the extensive features of our eBook readers are:

  • Support free-flow and fixed layout EPUBs
  • Support for EPUB3 eBooks with audio, video, animations and assessments
  • Easy bookmarking and notes
  • Support social learning and sharing
  • Cloud sync and local book reading
  • Pinch zoom for PDFs
  • Rich and user friendly themes and fonts to choose

AEL Data also helps publishers create mobile eBook stores through which users can browse through available books, take a sneak-peek at the books and purchase them through In-App purchase. Users will be able to access and read the eBooks using the enhanced eReader (Lektz) available along with the eBook store. We create the eBook stores for both iOS and Android platforms and it can be integrated with the publisher’s existing eCommerce portal.

For white-labeling our eBook reader to your publishing house, contact us at