Be it offline or online, every single decision is driven by data. When users download a book or browse through a genre, it is an important piece of information about their preferences. Collecting, collating, accessing and interpreting such data is the most reliable bit of analytics for any publisher.

If publishers can access that information at the source of the transaction, then that’s always a game changer. Lektz enables just that. Tracking information on customer demographics and usage patterns are possible through Lektz.

Collecting user data at the point of purchase is key to understanding and drafting your buyer persona. Learning about how they interact with your ebooks on their reader apps, opens up a whole new world of information on individual usage patterns. Using SCORM and TinCan standard contents provides for getting the most granular of information on how your ebooks are being read. Such as what amount of time is being spent on which genre or which chapters from an ebook has high audience retention.

Lektz’s compatibility with SCORM and TinCan based ebooks makes it possible to get research-grade analytics about your users.

Getting your hands on such reliable data could lead to identifying a profitable new segment in your customer base or in taking make or break decisions or could help you tweak your offerings in different genres that may well end up bringing more readers to your ebookstore.