Lektz is a SaaS based eBook business solution without revenue sharing including white-labeled eBook store, DRM, eBook readers and Consumer analytics. Lektz is also complemented with our tailor-made eBook conversion and digital marketing services to help you increase internet traffic resulting in better quality leads, sales and outstanding Return on Investment (ROI).

Lektz offerings include:

  • Free eBook store – setup your eBook store with no constraints on cash, security and time. You can instantly create your virtual store front within minutes by signing up with Lektz and uploading your ePUB and PDF format of eBooks.
  • eBook piracy protection – protect your ebooks with Lektz proprietary DRM while uploading your ebooks into the Lektz virtual store. It is a three tier robust protection system with eBook encryption, eBook accessing device control and User authentication. It also offers cloud sync feature that provides more robustness and user-friendliness to the Lektz DRM structure.
  • eBook readers – Lektz eBook readers are available for Android, iOS and PC platforms, which support ePUB2, ePUB3 and PDF formats of eBook. Lektz readers supports fixed layout and free-flow ePub3 standards of eBook with audio, video and interactive animations. We are proud to be the only eBook reader solution that supports the eBooks of RTL (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.,) and vertical (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.,) page progression.
  • Sales and consumer data – know your customers who are akin to your books and wish to see it more than any random audience. Lektz provides sales and consumer analytics that captures your eBooks performance data. Generate custom reports and statistics that shows who your customers are, what they like and how their purchase behavior contributes to your sales.
  • Targeted marketing – Lektz platform’s search engine friendly ecosystem lets you build a strong presence in web and helps create a search engine healthy eBook store. Lektz also offers social media support to drive more consumers to your virtual store to increase more sales/revenue (ROI) and loyal consumers.

Publishers can also avail the source code of our eBook readers, DRM and the aggregator eBook eCommerce portal. You can visit www.lektz.com or contact info@lektz.com for more information on source code and white-labeling Lektz offerings.