Edutainment Apps Development

Education + Entertainment is shortly called Edutainment that consists of any entertainment content that is designed to educate and to entertain. Contents with a high degree of both educational and entertainment value is known as edutainment. Game-based learning is a part of Edutainment, which is widely used as an effective method to train and educate learners to realise the concepts that are otherwise difficult to teach.Most importantly, games are no longer looked upon as just tools for kids.

Whether it is an business organisation or an educational institution, both can use game-based learning to:

  • Make learning fun
  • Liven up the classroom
  • Motivate learners to learn outside the classroom
  • Involve learners in the materials provided, so they learn more effectively
  • Encourage learners to learn from their mistakes

AEL Data, understands the need of Edutainment and have developed various Edutainment applications in Android, iOS and Windows devices. We understand our clients’ business, culture and socio-economic requirements and offer customized gaming solutions. With the blend of creativity and with our technical expertise we are a preferred choice by various organisations in the development of Edutainment apps.