Education ERP

Educational ERP system is smoothly incorporated computer-based application used to operate external and internal resources, including materials, tangible assets, human and financial resources together with covering all the features and processes of an institution. It is a software architecture which purpose is to streamline the information flow among all business functions within the boundaries of the education institution and control the interaction and connections with outside stakeholders. ERP solutions in education sector play a significant role in planning, designing and operating academic resources. The implementation of ERP system can help improve efficiency and effectiveness of various education processes and enhance stakeholders and student-centric related services. Education ERP is what institutions needs today in this competitive world, as it enables them to optimize processes and analyses capabilities for reduced cost, improved speed and efficiency.

AELData ERP System

AELData ERP provides a common platform for multiple functional departments that provides transparency in information flow. It keeps the management well informed and facilitate rapid decision-making.

AELData education ERP provides a unique opportunity for institutions to adopt a new way of working in the midst of challenges such as:

  • How to reduce high operating costs by breaking conventional management?
  • How to augment funding raising opportunities?
  • How to raise student satisfaction and increase student admissions every year?
  • How to increase the quality of learning and teaching?
  • How to bring a unified campus management?

This systems consist of several integrated modules and have enough potential to provide an efficient solution for manifold seamless operations within the organization by integrating all the functions for high utilization of resources available.

Timetable management system enables creation of both manual and automatic timetables. It guarantees timely updates on faculty substitution and assists in superior management of rooms, resources and faculty.

Financial accounting module takes care of accounts receivable and payable, general ledger, taxation, income/expense and reconciliation statements as well as other documents needed for accounting purposes. This module also offers a robust and multifarious portfolio of reports.

Admission management system helps to control pre-admission selection and screening of students, short listing of applications, online registration, identification cards registration and sending/receiving electronic alerts.

Grades and exam operation system gives the ability to conduct offline and online examinations, consider student performance, differentiate book management, generate report cards, hold mass competitive/entrance exams as well as provide the students with the results.

Hostel management module streamlines arrangement and reservation of rooms in teacher accommodations and student hostels. It helps track student outings and visitor records thus ensuring discipline. It also assists to control room facilities, room shifting and interchanging processes, and provides other important logistic support.

Asset and inventory management program provides stock and inventory management for multiple positions. It allows to increase significantly operational effectiveness and categorize the assets. This program also helps to conduct the wise search of assets location.

Budget and cost control module helps in accurate and quick budgeting. It provides efficient costing and performance evaluation, and assists distinguish between unavoidable and controllable costs.

HR operation system helps the students get the view of the whole situation and make use of pre-placement opportunities. This program provides exhaustive resume search and allows the students receive or send interview letters or e-mails without encumbrance.

Attendance and Payroll management module provides the user with a defined classification for integral reporting. This program can make up a flexible payroll processing stage, cost centers and control the biometric system as well.

Fees management system helps the user create a special fee structure according to which fees can be paid weekly, monthly or annually, as the student wishes. This module has a function of automatic generation of defaulter lists, fine structures and scholarship rewards schedules.

SMS and email System
Our customers are entitled to automatic delivery of SMS and E-mail which consists of important information regarding the institute/ college system.

Library Management system
This module keeps track of allotment of books to the students and stock management of books.

Module wise detail features list as follows:

Phase I

Enquiry Management

This module would cover the following functions / features:

  • Listing of available courses and their details
  • Download of Prospects
  • Download of Online Application Forms

Pre-Admission Management

This module would cover the following functions / features:

  • Setup Organization and Details
  • Register College Details
  • Track College Affiliation Type and Registered Courses
  • Setup Campuses & Locations
  • Setup Sanctioned In-Take
  • Setup Availability and Quota

Departments / Courses / Class Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Setup School of Studies, Departments
  • Setup Courses and Details
  • Setup Class/Semester and Subjects

Admission Management

  • This module would cover the following functions / features:
    • Monitor / Review Student Application
    • Allot student course based on sanctioned In-Take
    • Student Application Approval
    • Student ID Allotment

Academic Management

This module would cover the following functions / features:

  • Add Academic Calendar
  • Manage Holidays
  • Upload annual syllabus
  • Upload tentative dates for syllabus completion
  • Track syllabus completed

Fee Management

This module would cover the following functions / features:

  • Create Fee
  • Fee Plan Components
  • Setup Course Fee Structure based on Quota
  • Add fee received
  • Add fee concession / scholarship
  • Fee received / Fee not received
  • Fine / Discount
  • Condonation Fee Collection / Details
  • Online Fee Payment

Student Information System

This module would cover the following functions / features:

  • Add new student details
  • Edit student details
  • Batch allotment
  • Batch shifting
  • Add student attendance
  • Allot university roll number
  • Student Transfer/Dropout
  • Student Promotion
  • Student History
  • Exam Marks and Progress Reports
  • Attendance
  • Fee dues

Staff / Faculty Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Manage Applicants
  • Manage Staff Profile
  • Assign Designation/Branch/Departments/Subjects
  • Employee Attendance
  • Faculty’s subject specialization report
  • Service Register / History
  • Details of promotions

Integration of SMS and Email Gateways

The following alerts could be setup or configured to send notifications through SMS or e-Mails.

  • Registration and Admission
  • Interview Dates of Registration
  • Confirmation of Admission
  • Fee Alerts
  • Details of the current fee due
  • Fee payment Reminders to defaulters
  • Confirmation of fees paid
  • Result Alerts
  • Exam Date Information
  • Summarized Result Information
  • Library Alerts
  • Books Due/Overdue/fine Information
  • Special Announcements
  • News / Events information
  • Customized wishes
  • Holidays information
  • Urgent alerts to parents/students
  • Information to All/Selected Staff members for Meeting

Phase II

Examination Management

This module would cover the following functions/features:

  • Exam Schedule and Grading Methodology
  • Upload Exam Fee Receipts
  • Print Hall ticket
  • Tag/Scan/Upload Answer Scripts
  • Assignment of Answer Scripts for Evaluation
  • Exam Marks/Student Attendance Entry
  • Grade Generation
  • Publish Progress Report/Results
  • Certificate Preparation / Generation

Student Attendance Management

This module would cover the following functions / Features

  • Add / Update student attendance Day-Wise/ Week-Wise / Month-Wise
  • Add On-Duty/ Seminars / Workshops in attendance
  • Check Attendance Eligibility for Semester Examination
  • Condonation List Preparation

Time Table Scheduling

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Classroom creation
  • Time slot creation
  • Multiple time table creation
  • Time table setup

Staff Leave Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Setup Leave Policy
  • Grant Leaves
  • Online Leave Request
  • Leave Approval
  • Leave Balance


This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Setup Grades
  • Setup Salary Components
  • Update Employee Salary Info
  • Issue Loan/Advance
  • Calculate LOP from Leave/Attendance
  • Process Payroll
  • Generate Payslip

Hostel Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Setup Hostel/Blocks/Rooms
  • Setup Hostel Plans
  • Allot Room
  • Vacate Room
  • Mark Attendance

Fleet Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Vehicle Registration
  • Statutory’ Compliance/Insurance Records
  • Track Vehicle Maintenance/Servicing
  • Fuel Log
  • Route/Trip Assignment

Asset Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Track Asset Details
  • Asset Maintenance/Servicing
  • Asset Disposal
  • Finance Repayment Schedule
  • Track Payments/Balance

Phase II

Visitor Tracking

This module would cover the following functions / Features

  • Add details of visitors coming inside the college campus with their vehicle number, purpose of visit with the following details
    • Name
    • From
    • Company
    • Person to Meet
    • Purpose
    • Contact No
    • Vehicle Number
    • Vehicle Type
    • In-Time
  • Reports – tracking visitors using the following criteria’s
    • Vehicle number wise
    • Name wise
    • Person to meet wise
    • Company wise

Inventory Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Internal Requisitions
  • Indenting
  • Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receipts
  • Dispatch Records
  • Sales/Issue Goods
  • Stock Ledger

Library Management

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Master Creation
  • Book category
  • Book sub category
  • Publisher
  • Supplier
  • Book almirah & rack management
  • Add new books / magazines / Journals / reference books / CD’s / DVD’s / e-books
  • Fine Master
  • Fine creation according to member types like student, faculty, staff etc.
  • List of members (Students, Faculty, Staff )
  • Transaction Master
    • Issue books
    • Return books
  • Fine management
  • Book submission reminder
  • Reports
  • Library stock report
  • Student library report
  • Faculty library report
  • Issued books
  • Fine collected
  • Download reports in excel format
  • Lost / Stolen book management
  • RFID’s / Smart Cards integration
  • Barcode printing for books

Finance & Accounting

This module would cover the following functions/features

  • Masters
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Account Group
    • Account Ledger
    • Tax
    • Currency
    • Exchange Rate
    • Voucher Type
    • Products & Services
  • Transactions
    • Vouchers
    • Purchase Order
    • Material Receipt
    • Purchase Invoice
    • Purchase Return
    • Sales Order
    • Delivery Note
    • Sales Invoice
    • Sales Return
    • Credit Note
    • Debit Note
  • Reports
    • Day Book
    • Cash / Bank Book
    • Account Group Wise Report
    • Account Ledger Report
    • Outstanding Report
    • Ageing Report
    • Stock Report
    • Tax Report
  • Statements
    • Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit and Loss
    • Cash Flow
    • Chart of Accounts

Benefits ERP can bring to education

Educational institutes around the globe are quite busy while trying to re-organize their management system and those of them who have already started using ERP systems have experienced a rise in effectiveness, productivity and proficiency of the administration. With the use of ERP system you and your institute are capable of:

  • Improving the organization of teachers, students, lectures, etc.
  • Systemizing various educational processes
  • Simplifying student management
  • Reinforcing relationships with parents and stakeholders
  • Reducing expenses, saving energy and time
  • Organizing the data in the order you need and want.
  • Customized ERP for education industry based on each and every organization needs.

For cost and timeline of implementation and other Enquiries Please fill the enquiry form. Our Edutech representative will call you shortly.Talking about our company, we should say that we always base our work on personal approach to each client. The development and implementation of a customized version of an ERP system for education industry can help automate and integrate recruitment, students’ records, financial aids, admissions and most administrative and academic services. That is why we extremely advise you to develop your own version of ERP software system so that in future it can help you control your work in a more efficient and proper way.