Animation & Simulation Development

Users are allowed to practice tasks and learn to deal with practical situations in a safe and cost-effective way with the help of Animation and Simulation. With this, users can learn to understand technical product features that they are not likely to see in real-life situations, because this may be too dangerous or costly to practice. In addition, training often requires that tasks be performed several times in order for the student to fully master them, which can lead to even higher costs. Use of the right images, conceptual diagrams, animations, video and sound effects make eLearning more effective. It has always been a challenge for the trainers/instructors to find the right eLearning multimedia assets for their training material.

To address this concern, AEL Data offers Animation & Simulation production services to create high-quality and cost-effective eLearning multimedia to use in custom content development and in rapid eLearning. Our developed Animation and Simulation can be integrated to suit different e-delivery modes, such as online (Web / LMS) and offline (CD / DVD), by supporting key standards that allow content interoperability, meta-data tagging and data tracking.

Some of the features of our eLearning multimedia assets are:

  • Light weight and high quality for instant loading
  • Best-of-breed multimedia technology
  • Compelling graphics and animations
  • Aesthetic, interactive and engaging look and feel
  • Compliant with eLearning standards and specifications