eBook eCommerce Portal & Apps

There is no doubt that the Internet has evolved as the largest platform for transacting business. Everything from shopping, banking and auctions to entertainment is made available on just a click. With millions of eCommerce websites vying for attention, building an eCommerce website to generate internet traffic and potential leads is a challenging task.

To help our clients meet this challenge, we design and develop technologically advanced eCommerce portals for educational institutions, publishers and many other business enterprises.

We develop custom portals according to the client’s requirements with different themes and functionalities keeping in mind the cultural and socio-economic background of the customer. We develop portals that can be used in both web and mobile interfaces. To ensure the success of the Publishing portal, we build and give utmost importance to the following areas:

  • Usability and Design
  • System Functionality
  • Shopper Behavior
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Shopping Cart Optimization
  • Payment Gateways
  • Search Engine Optimization