Content Repositories

Take off your business to new heights – Create and repurpose your legacy content for BYOD access

There is a famous saying ‘Content is the King’, an unstructured and unorganized content will create huge business challenges to content repositories such as libraries, government, national archives, banking and financial service organizations. There are high volumes of content available with these content repositories that are unstructured and needs a flexible and user-friendly approach to digitize, manage and store them for save retrieval.

AEL Data helps many libraries, national archives, government bodies and NPOs for developing robust and interoperable content management systems to manage their high volumes of content with latest tools and technologies. AEL Data also offers digitization services to convert the legacy and delicate physical copies of content, manuscripts, etc. into digital formats of desired standards. Our offerings to content repositories ranges from scanning, transcription, XML and DTD design schema, OCR, Indexing, and Database creation and management. For more information on our experience and client references, contact us at