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Organisations try to stick themselves to be technologically relevant, and many experience, a wake-up calls and most of them realise that their contents doesn’t translate to mobile devices.

The latest web standard HTML5, rapidly emerging as the de facto standard for content delivery, with native support for searchable, interactive multimedia content. HTML5 provides a rich user friendly interface and it can be easily understandable to both the machine and the user.

Electronic Publication (ePUB) is a free open eBook standard specified by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). ePUB3 is the upgraded version of ePUB2 and it consists of XHTML, CSS, Images, Java Script, Audio & Video, mime and XML file pakaged together in zip format.

People prefer to view their eBooks to be interactive with rich media contents and to experience a lively feel in reading books. AEL Data provides fixed and reflow-able ePUB3 files with DRM security. This not only helps the users to experience lively book reading, but it helps the publishers protect their content from piracy.