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Europe has always made laws that improved the standard of living for Europeans. EN 301 549 is a European standard for digitally accessible services. There are multiple iterations of this law, and it extended to Australia after reaching consensus with the Standards Australia. It requires all ICT products and services such as software, hardware, and any other interactive software & devices to meet the specifications set by EN 301 549.

The standard is divided into two categories:

  1. The accessibility needs of various user groups
  2. How those needs should be met for various products and services

The law focuses on making every digital product or service accessible to people with diverse abilities. The law helps everyone access any technology without any issues. At AEL Data, we believe that every person has the right to access digital content without the support of others. Therefore we take care of digital products or services on priority and deliver them on or before the decided timeline.

Benefits of EN 301 549

  1. Increase your presence as the law extends to Australia
  2. Improves your organization’s reputation
  3. Increased search visibility