Interactive & Enhanced eBooks

Interactive & Enhanced eBooks

eBooks are increasingly gaining popularity over printed books. Despite this popularity, most eBooks are simply digital equivalents of the hardcopy publication. To increase the readers’ enjoyment (and to increase sales) publishers are constantly devising new solutions and approaches to improve the ‘reading experience’.

With our deep understanding of the publishing industry and reading communities, we help various authors and publishers to transform their traditional books and eBooks into enhanced eBooks by embedding rich media content such as video and audio, interactivity, annotations, cross references, footnotes, links to websites and social media sites. These enhanced eBooks are created using the latest standards and technologies, such as ePUB3, HTML5, CSS3 and native frameworks of iOS and Android.

Our enhanced eBook offerings include:

  • Multimedia-rich eBooks
  • Animated books
  • Interactive eBooks
  • Children’s books/story books
  • Multi-lingual eBooks and
  • Edutainment books


Our Works

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