NIMAS XML Conversion

NIMAS XML Conversion

National Instructional Materials Accessiblity Standard (NIMAS)

According to the National Centre for Accessible Educational Materials (AEM), “NIMAS is a technical standard used by publishers to produce source files (in XML) that may be used to develop multiple specialized formats (such as Braille or audio books) for students with print disabilities.

Highlights of NIMAS-

  • It is primarily used in the United States
  • It is used by educational publishers to convert educational materials into XML source files.
  • The files sets are uploaded to the National Instructional Materials Access Centre (NIMAC) and subsequently these files can then be accessed by the educating bodies to generate multiple accessible formats.
  • A NIMAS file is so versatile that multiple output formats can be produced from it, for instance-

Braille, large print, HTML, DAISY talking books using human voice or text-to-speech, audio files derived from text-to-speech transformations, and more.

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Our process-

  • We work with most input sources including PDF’s, InDesign, Quark, and Word. After we receive your source files, we proceed to convert the file to NIMAS XML
  • The conversion process adheres to the NIMAS DTD schema by using our in-house automated tool.
  • In addition to which we use a manual quality check with the original input to ensure 99.5% accuracy.
  • In order to submit a file set, publishers need to have an account with the NIMAC. If you do not already have one, setting up an account is easy and we can help you do that.
  • After you are register with the NIMAC, we will submit the file set and furthermore we will handle any or all modifications to your file the NIMAC may seek.


As a standard practice we ask for a few sample pages of your content and total volume (in pages) to analyse and give you the best quote.