eBook Development

Advent of eBooks has changed the formal way of reading books. Today more and more publishers are publishing their books into interactive eBooks to make the user's experience of reading books enriching.

We at AEL Data strive to develop eBooks for various Publishers and Educational Organisations across the globe. We have a talented group of experienced professionals to work on unique requirements of our clients to create interactive eBooks. We’re developing eBooks with adaptability to various electronic book readers and also do multi-lingual conversion (conversion of eBooks in various languages such as Arabic, French, Spanish, Danish, Turkish and more).

Our eBook development expertise includes but not limited to:

  • Fixed layout eBooks – Apple, ePub3 and Kindle
  • ePub2 and ePub3 standard of eBooks
  • eBooks Creation/Narrative profile based eBooks
  • Interactive and multimedia-rich eBooks
  • Children’s books/ Story books
  • Picture books/ Comic books
  • Audio Books
  • HTML5 eBooks
  • Book-as-an-App
  • Artwork/Graphic Design

Our Works

Interactive & Enhanced eBooks ebook in arabic
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